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“I had enrolled a few real estate coaching students here and there over the years, but now I have a system to create at LEAST a 6-figure business this year. The ACCOUNTABILITY made all the difference in getting me to take action and get results I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.”
— Shawn Greeves
“I’ve easily doubled the money I’ve made in real estate by providing coaching and mentoring to others. The best part (on top of getting paid quite well) is when a client shares their excitement about getting that first deal done. If you want to begin coaching or mentoring others, and want to get going quickly, Alan Brymer is the way to go. He usually has a waiting list so if adding coaching or mentoring is a “must do” for you, don’t hesitate! If you do you’ll likely miss out on your one chance to learn from a true master.
— Peter Conti, Best-Selling Real Estate Educator
“Alan has created one of the best courses on the market today, his insight on what is needed to make this type of system work is truly eye-opening and he doesn’t leave anything to chance.”
— Pat Gage, Real Estate Investor
“Alan has learned how to get more traffic and sales from some of the sharpest marketers in the country. The work he has done for us was professional and high-quality. I would recommend him to any serious firm.”
— Dolmar Cross, Real Estate Broker
“Alan has a great grasp of marketing concepts. He very smartly designs programs based on what the market wants, and his string of successes show the wisdom of this approach. Good integrity, super vision... I can’t recommend Alan strongly enough!”
— Emerson Brantley, Embrace Your Marketing, LLC
“Alan is one of the smartest internet marketers I know and one of the few I trust.
Since I’m not tech-savvy at all, I know I can count on him to show me the latest strategies
and help me run my business more efficiently and make my life easier.”
— Jason Hanson
“Alan is a gifted online marketer with a diverse skill set. His expert knowledge of social media, local SEO and content marketing make him a tremendous asset to any company looking to improve their business online.”
— Sam DeCroes, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Stansberry Research
“Alan helped me create a marketing plan for my real estate business that worked out well. He developed and tested direct mail marketing for my company that was geared to purchasing distressed properties. Alan is very good at content marketing and direct response marketing, and I would recommend him to anyone.”
— Gary Parker, Aubrey & Associates