Your Alternative For Responsible, Risk-Averse Private Capital Placement

In today’s economic environment, you already know how challenging it is to locate investment opportunities with low risk and consistently high yields.

Many investors have resorted to the usual low-risk investments, such as bonds and CD’s, which offer persistently meager interest rates that barely keep up with inflation. 

Or, they have lost faith in large, institutional firms who focus on offering stocks and mutual funds (where higher returns mean higher risk), and have found they are better served by 1) small, private partnerships, and 2) diversifying into real estate.

If you're looking for healthy and consistent returns without the hassle of finding, renovating, or landlording a single property, you’re in the right place. You now have the opportunity to invest alongside other savvy private investors, institutions, and us.

We provide our investors with a more intimate form of money management. It gives them more control over the transactions they choose to participate in and insulates them from external shocks common in publicly-traded companies.